Our Services


We offer fitness services to members of the public by conducting fitness workout sessions and personal training.


We do customized workshops and courses for corporate organisations and schools based on the objectives required by our customers.


We offer motivational talk for athletes with disabilities and people with physical limitations.


To motivate and inspire everyday people to live a healthy whole life through our services, products and events. And to serve the community that we live in.


To be the source of inspiration for health and fitness.

Follow our EVOLUTION and be inspired

Quantum Evolution was reborn in 2017. Formerly known as TACTIQ, QE is focused on sports related events, products and services. We believe in motivating people through movement, inspiring them with normal people who win over their daily challenges. We support athletes with disability to educate the younger generation that physical limitations can be a powerful opportunity to abilities.


Outstandingly British. For 20 years, SUNWISE eyewear was created to satisfy the needs of active lifestyle indoor and outdoor.  Combining photochromic technology with the wonders of polarized lenses and the flexibility of adding prescription lenses to customise to your needs, SUNWISE helps you focus on your performance by keeping your vision clear and your eyes safe from the harmful rays.  Now in Asia. Be original, be SUNWISE.

SUNWISE Technology


The Sunwise® light reacting (photochromic) lens adapts to changing light conditions whilst continuously filtering UV light, reducing glare and eye fatigue.

The light-reacting technology reacts to the sunlight within seconds, making the Hastings perfect for use early in the morning until dusk. Whilst ensuring full protection by blocking 100% UVA & UVB rays 100% of the time. The perfect solution for any changing environment.

The Chromafusion 2.0 technologies are the ideal for all weather eye protection. The photochromic (light reacting) technology lightens and darkens according to your surroundings. The panoramic polarized lenses provide fantastic color balance in all conditions. The anti-fog and water repellant quality gives its user the an advantage over the rest. No more glare, no more fogging, night or day. Just comfortable vision throughout your bike and your run.

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